Effects of Delta 9

You’re gonna feel the effects of this gummy for sure as it contains 10 mg of THC and a 100 mg of CBD so what’s the most potent gummy on the market today. 

delta-9 gummies
Assorted Fruit Flavor


You’re gonna like these Delta 9 THC gummies. We are obsessed with quality assurance as we twice 3rd party test our products.  It is tested once the plant is grown and then once again before the finished product goes retail.


We are confident in our capacity to produce consistent, high-quality cannabis in every batch based on our existing standardised, hydroponic growing methodology and state-of-the-art, patented Grow Pods.

Selection Delta 9 now offers a rotating rotation of roughly 20 distinct strains that are always available to our patients. As our capacity expands, we will offer numerous additional kinds from our genetics source of over 60 distinct strains.

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Affordability & Availability

Our product versus the competition.

Our product versus the competition.

 Our premium Delta 9 THC gummies have 10mg THC & 100mg CBD per gummy.

 Exhale THC gummies are 1mg THC & 25mg CBD.

 CBD FX is 5mg THC & 25mg CBD.

 Med Terra has 2mg THC & 25mg CBD.

 Cycling Frog gives 5mg THC & 25mg cbd.

 Hometown hero 5mg THC & 25mg CBD.

 Mr. Hempflower 10mg THC & 50mg CBD.

 As you can see our gummy is 2 to 10 times stronger than the rest!